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    Data modeling

    Riadh Chaouch

      Hi Guys.

      I have table: Invoice_Table:



      Vehicle_Number, { 27170 , 12345, .....}

      Invoice_Sequence,   { 1,2,3}


      //  One Vehicle can be sold and credit and re-Sold again, So every time sold it have a Invoice sequence.

      // i concatenated this 2 fields so i can count How many time The vehicle:

      Vehicle_Number & Invoice_Sequence as Key_Vehicle:




      Count(Vehicle_Number)   ---->   i got 2 vehicles.it's not true.

      count(Key_Vehicle)  ---->   i got 3 vehicles. it Work Fine.

      Now i have to Sum the Price But The Price Field is in an Other Table ' Vehicle_Table'.



      Vehicle_Number, { 27170 , 12345, .....}



      i link the 2 tables with Vehicle_Number, it's the only key i have.


      When i Put the Sum Expression : Sum(Price) -----> it gave me the price of 2 Vehicles.   


      But I need the Price for the 3 Vehicles. i want it to depend of the Key_Vehicle, not The Vehicle_Number Field.


      Thanks in advance.