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    Problem with the export when i run the qvw from a batch file

    gou geo



      I have created a qvw that exports a jpg file with a vbscript module when i reload the qvw by trigger on postReload.

      This is the script


      Sub ExportFiles


      set corp = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH10")


      corp.ExportBitmapToFile "C:\TEST\Sales.jpg"


      End sub


      When i reload it manually it works and the file exports.

      When i run a batch file that reloads the qvw does not work.


      The batch file contains the commands below.


      @ECHO OFF


      "C:\Program Files\QlikView\Qv.exe"  /r C:\TEST\SALES.qvw


      I have to mention that when i export the file in xls with the command in vbscript below the batch file works and the file exports.


      corp.ExportBiff  "C:\TEST\Sales.xls"


      Has anyone an idea what is happening and does not work the batch file when i try to export a jpg file ?


      Thank you in advance.