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    Sense Workbench/Mashup issue - Duplicate Mashup stop to render objects


      I'm facing the following issue with Sense v1.0 Mashup: If I duplicate an existing project (e.g.: project1), the copied file (e.g.: project1_copy) stop to render charts and do not allow to add any from the qvf file.


      Steps to reproduce:

      - Create a new mashup project starting with template "basic mashup template with absolute position"

      - Go to Edit Mode and "link" the mashup to an app (e.g.: Executive Dashboard)

      - Add Some charts by drag and drop from left pane

      - Save all and View the results in a new browser window

      ------ till then everything works as expected

      - Go back to Workbench and duplicate the Mashup (eg: project1_copy)

      - Try to view it --> blank page

      - Try to edit adding new charts --> can't add/display the new chart


      Files seam to me well copied/configured (see attachment to be unzipped into C:\Users\[User name]\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions).


      Any suggestions?


      Many Thanks.