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    Qlikview server Installation on Multiple machines with IIS

    rahul tyagi

      Hi All,


      I am installing qlikview server 11.2 SR7.  I want to saperate Qlikview server and publisher on two servers.So i am doing custom installation and doing as below below.


      Machine 1

      Qlikview Server

      Qlikview Webserver -  i want to go with IIS


      Machines 2.

      Reload/Distribution Engine

      Management Console


      But while installing Qlikview server and webserver on machine 1  i am not getting option to go with  IIS. Do i need to install IIS before I start installation?  I think one option comes  durng installation  to select IIS as webserver and Qlikview can automatically install IIS if i want to go with IIS as webserver.


      Any help will be highly appreciated.