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    How we have to Configure Root Folder?

    Yoca Yoca


      We are working with Qlikview 11.2 and we do not have Publisher.

      We have a folder structure like this:







      So inside the Commercial folder we have the Commercial extractors and dashboards. Inside the Finance folder the Finance extractors and dashboards and so on.

      If we go to the QMC and we go to System\Setup\Qlikview Server\Folder\ and we configure Root folder as “C:\PRD” in access point we will see the dashboards but the extractors too :-(

      If we put all the dashboards in other folder, for example C:\Published Dashboards and we configure Root folder as “C:\Published Dashboards” we are not able to access to the extractors in the QMC in order to create jobs for its :-(

      How we have to organize it? What do you advise us?


      Thanks in advance.