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    Incrimental QVD Load Problem

    Jeremy Schmitt

      I am comparing 2 QVDs with similar incrimental setups where then use the max date from a table to determine what is added each load. This would all be great, if my current QVD was working as intended.


      I use the following to set the current max each QVD load:

      load *;
      sql select max(ADD_DATE) as temp1
      FROM BTOffer.dbo.vw_CUSTOMER_CONTACT_all;
      STORE * FROM currentmax INTO max_CustCon_CDRCallTran.qvd;
      DROP TABLE currentmax;


      I end up with what I expect, a single record with the last table load date like other Qvds setup similarly: "11/4/2014 4:00:48 PM"



      Now when I pull from my max Qvd, I am getting multiple records (55 right now) of what look like settings. I use the following code at the start of the Qvd code, as I do in all our incrimentals, to grab the recent date:

      load *
      from max_CustCon_CDRCallTran.qvd;
      let otherdate = text(date(peek('temp1',0,'pointless'),'YYYYMMDD'));
      drop table pointless;


      Data looking something like this: