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    Second Dimension Sort w/ Expression



      My goal is to sort a pivot table based on two dimensions, first Dim3 then by Dim2 in ascending order.  I don't understand why the expression is sorted incorrectly relative to the second dimension.  The sort is based on the expression, which includes set analysis.  You'll see the Simple chart contains no set analysis and appears to sort correctly. 


      Notice in the highlighted region on the Set Analysis chart how the order of the expression is {4.5,12.2,14.2,17.1,26.4,20.1}.  I expect to see {4.5,12.2,14.2,17.1,20.1,26.4}.




      The expression in the Set Analysis chart is: Sum({$<Expression3={"<=.5"}>}Expression3)


      The sort is based on the same expression for both dimensions:

      Dim3 Sort.png

      Dim2 Sort.png


      Does someone know why the pivot table is not sorting correctly?  Is there a way to correct this?  I appreciate any feedback!  I've attached the example qvw to this post.