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    Buckets data?

    Helen Betty

      HI All,


      I have created Buckets with 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months,9-6 Months & So on...


      I have the Total QTY--30 as per the aging concept it was distributed in the buckets, and also I need to See Total QTY as 30 also in the  One Column in Pivot Table...




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          Manish Kachhia

          Provide Sample Data Please...


          You can try with ValueList Function.....

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            Anand Chouhan



            You can use the class function below is from QV help


            class(expression, interval [ , label [ , offset ]])

            Creates a classification of expressions. The bin width is determined by the number set as interval. The result is shown as a<=x<b, where a and b are the upper and lower limits of the bin. The x can be replaced by an arbitrary string stated in label. 0 is normally the default starting point of the classification. This can be changed by adding an offset.


            class( var,10 ) with var = 23 returns '20<=x<30'

            class( var,5,'value' ) with var = 23 returns '20<= value <25'

            class( var,10,'x',5 ) with var = 23 returns '15<=x<25'



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              Marco Wedel

              Hi Helen,


              does this question refer to the sample application you posted here:

              Stock Aging buckets ?

              wherein you are using a calculated dimension I proposed in this thread:

              Re: Re: Stock Aging Buckets ?

              which you refused to close stating your initial question has not been answered?