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    Create a table from table object

    Emile Davis

      Hey Everybody,


      I consider myself an advanced beginner in QV.  Is there a way that I can export a table object (pivot table preferred) into a qvd file? 


      I'm starting with a binary load of a data model, and I've trimmed the fields and created a table that I would really like to export to another qvd file. 


      I know how to export actual tables (tables in the QV memory - not a table object in the user interface).  If I can somehow get a data table stored as a real table, then I can store it into a file.

      Thanks for your help!


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          Martin Mahler

          Try right click and export in the Windows Client. This will give you the option to export the table's content as a .qvd file. This will, however, only export the data in the straight table format.


          But this shouldn't be an issue in my point of view. Just load that .qvd, create your pivot table and rearrange.

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              Emile Davis

              Good idea on right-clicking and exporting; this certainly does work.  But I am looking to automate this. 

              In a perfect world, the saved table view is exported to a qvd.  This qvd is then pulled into a different data model which will be binary fed into the general user interface. 


              While typing this response, I just realized that I can binary the source of this whole dataset into my master data model. Thanks for a quick response.  Sometimes a sounding board to discuss questions does amazing things!

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              chinna katiki


              I Could see a way.


              as you know the list of columns, at the end of your scripting  create a temp table with the required columns and load into a qvd and then drop the temp table. If the columns are coming from multiple tables in your datamodel you may want to use join/keep .




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                  Emile Davis

                  Hey Chinna,


                  That's exactly what I'm going to do.  The issue was that the fields that I want come from multiple tables.  So creating a qvd out of each one and then bringing them back in would just loop back to the problem.  While talking with a colleague at work, I came to the same conclusion about joining/keeping and then saving as qvd.  Thanks for the response!  I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who has run into this situation.