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    Using FirstSortedValue dimension field and min date problem

    Paolo Guidolin

      Hi All,


      I have a problem with the following document:


      In a table for each item i have price and date of document fields


      I need to have in a a pivot chart for each item the last price in the filtered period and the first and last document date of this price


      I tried using FirstSortedValue in dimension but i have a problem with the calculation of the first date.


      For example for item 005 last price is 0.94, last doc date for this price is 04/11/2014 and fist date for this price should be 15/10/2013.


      Using MIN(DATA_RIF_DOC) for calculation the first date I get 07/01/2009 but it is wrong


      I attach a sample document


      Can someone help me?


      Many thanks