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    Full Overview of reloads

    Paul McCormick



      I am currently on a project where there is a large number (200+) of documents reloading at different intervals through out the day/night - some every 15 mins, hourly, 4 hourly, daily etc.  At the minute we are getting a lot of random failures which I am putting down to:


      1.More then 4 tasks reloading at any one time, and the retries have timed out.

      2. There is limited RAM on the publisher box and I think it is peaking at heavy times


      To help try to get to the bottom of this I am using the QVPRAnalysis document which is great.  What I am struggling with is


      1. Trying to find the peak times that tasks are queuing

      2. Tasks are using more RAM than usual

      3. Task are failing due to not available slot.


      Is there anything build that I could put over the top to get this kind of information?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.