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    Enable develop option in Access Point for Named Users

    Lars Kools

      Hello everyone,


      I am new to the QMC and have a couple of document CAL's and a number of Named User CAL's.

      The document CAL's are divided over 3 qvw files, which works just fine. However, the Named Users that I have created via 'System - Licenses - Assigned CALs' are not able to make changes to any of the qvw's. Can anyone help me to enable this? Do I need to change settings in the qvw itself maybe?


      As I understood the Named Users are able to develop via the access point (edit script, create new objects, change objects, etc.). When they make changes to the qvw, will these changes hold for everyone or only for themselves?


      Thanks in advance!

        • Re: Enable develop option for Named Users in Access Point
          Peter Cammaert

          You're mistaken. Even Named CAL users cannot change the script of a QVW in the Access Point.


          • All license holders can be granted permission to add Server Objects to a document in the AccessPoint. However, they cannot change what is already present in the document. Move or scale objects at most. Permissions are granted via the QMC. Look for server collaboration/server objects.
          • Named CAL holders can lease their license to a so-called QV Desktop installed on their local machine. With this QV development tool, they can open a document file (.qvw), make changes and store the file again.


          That's about it.