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    Send alerts from QlikView server

    Manuel Jesus Serrano Serrano



      I´ve configured email alerts in a document, but when I reload the document in the server, the document doesn´t send the email alert.

      The server is configured to send email alerts. And the desktop client is configurated too.


      What is the problem? Do I need to configure something more.


      Thanks in advance.

        • Re: Send alerts from QlikView server
          Koen Bal



          If you want the alerts you've setup in your local document to work on the accesspoint/publisher enviroment.

          You'll need to mark the "Batch" mode.


          The info on "Mode" available in that fancy help button:


          In the Mode group you can check the relevant options in order to define an alert as an Interactive (automatic triggers in layout) and/or as an alert relevant for external programs running QlikView in Batch mode (command line execution), e.g. QlikView Publisher, via the special Automation API for Batch triggers. If none of the check boxes in this group are marked, the alert can still be manually checked via macros.


          ,KR Koen


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