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    Sub-Totals in Straight Table not adding up



      I have a straight table with sub-totals , however the sub-totals do not add up.

      Attached herewith is an extract of my buying template which i exported to excel.   The only column where the totals dont add up is the stock required column. 


      The formula for stock required is a follows:

      if(Average Last 6 Months * No of Months - Stock on Hand < 0 ,0 , Average Last 6 Months * No of Months - Stock on Hand)


      In the expression tab , I have changed the "Total Mode" to Sum, however its still recognising it as a "Expression Total".

      Also the Grand Total for this expression is also incorrect.


      I even changed the chart to pivot table and it still shows incorrect result.


      Please can you help.  Do i need to change my formula for stock required.


      kind regards