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    Gauge Chart


      I created a gauge chart.

      But i don't want that the gauge chart act on my selections box.

      I want the gauge chart to act on my input box. I want two input boxes where people can select the years.


      Is this possible and how can i do this?

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          Jonathan Poole

          You can do that and there is more than one way.


          Adding {1} into each expression on the chart expression would cause it too disregard all user selections:


          Sum(  Sales)  -->   Sum( {1} Sales)


          What are your 2 input boxes ?  Variables or field selections  ?


          If you select a year in your input box and store it as a variable called vYear you could do this..


          sum( {1<Year={$(vYear)}>}  Sales )  


          which would disregard all user selections except that the Year field would equal the variable value that the user sets in the input box.