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    Section Analysis to count rows with a null field value

      I have a table with Application Data. Each application may or may not have one or many tracking records associated with the application number. If the tracking record exists, it will have a value for all of the fields in the tracking record table; if the Application has no tracking record(s), all tracking record fields will be null. How do I use set analysis to both count number of apps with a null tracking record as well as count and sum the apps with the tracking record? See Sample Data (Application # is the only field that comes from the Application Table)

      Application #TR Created DateTR LocatorTR Refi StatusTR Refi Status UserTR Credit LenderTR Credit Loan TypeTR Credit Curr. BalanceTR Refi Credit LimitTR Refi. Int. RateTR Refi. Savings
      58478910/17/2014305New OfferJoe SmithChase BankMortgage258,412275,000



      5412510/24/2014135AcceptedKari WilliamsAMEXCredit Card7,568.0010,0002.9987.00
      4258910/30/2014206No SavingsCarl FitzRed Rocks CULOC5005007.590.00
      2598410/16/2014584New OfferJoe SmithUS BankCredit Card2698.5000.008.9929.00
      365210/2/2014102New OfferSusan GeorgeWells FargoCredit Card1595.002500.008.9945.00
      1598710/5/2014103Ask LaterKari WilliamsBellco CULOC2693.005000.007.5994.00
      1598710/5/2014104Ask LaterKari WilliamsBellco CUHELOC45,627.0060,0004.19138.00
      1598710/5/2014105Ask LaterKari WilliamsGMAuto19,545.0020,000.001.9532.00