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    Chart taking long time to load, How to optimize it?

    Punit Popli

      Hi All.


      I am having  below requirement :

      Product hierarchy as Market >Submarket > Product


      When I select a Product, then in the chart submarket's of that selected product's Market needs to be populated (Already implemented in original scenario).

      For Eg: I select Plasma then in chart1 Samsung, Philips should be populated as on both the subclass lies under Market (Electronics) which is plasma's market.


      In the chart below we should be able to display product2 of all the Submarket2 of which the product was selected by the user.

      For eg : As per current scenario, if I select Plasma then in the chart2 LCD an LED should be displayed along with their respective values (implemented in original scenario).


      The issue is with data i.e. the lower chart take too much time to load as it has the Calculated dimension with IF() condition which compares Submarket with Submarket2 (implemented a demo of the same in attached QVW) and display all the product2 for particular Submarket2..


      Can anyone advise, how can I optimize the lower chart to get the data quickly As in the original scenario it take too much time to fetch the products.


      Attached is the dummy data and QVW file for your reference.