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    Formatting background in Pivot Table

      I have a Pivot Table with 4 levels.  I have successfully figured out how to format each of the different Dimensionalities by doing this:



      if(Dimensionality() = 1, RGB(46,72,101),
      if(Dimensionality() = 2, RGB(73,115,160),
      if(Dimensionality() = 3, RGB(141,170,203),
      if(Dimensionality() = 4, RGB(186,204,224)


      It looks great when all levels are fully expanded. But when each level is "collapsed", the rows ALL become the color of the level to which it is collapsed.  So when the entire pivot is collapesed (in this case), the remaining rows are all RGB(46,72,101).


      Is there a way to conditionally format the Dimensionality based on the level of DImensionality that is "expanded" or "collapsed"?  Does that make sense?  In other words, I ONLY want the SUBTOTAL rows highlighted, not the "regular" rows.


      Thanks,  Dan