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    Select in Field Trigger (based on variable)

    Ronny Wroblewski

      Hello Community


      I try to create a formula for a "Select in field" Trigger but it will not work.


      Current situation:

      Sheet with a google chart & a straight table.

      The straight table show results ("$(vFormula1)", "$(vFormula2)" and "$(vFormula1)/$(vFormula2)") for different states.

      GoogleMaps should only show "$(vFormula1)/$(vFormula2)".

      To enable GoogleMaps to show the correct value, I need to active select the states, which have a value for $(vFormula1)/$(vFormula2).

      First of all I want to create a button to select the relevant states.

      Does someone has an idea how to create such a trigger which will select all states which have a value for $(vFormula1)/$(vFormula2)?

      PS: If all states have a value the map show the correct results but as soon states have no result for $(vFormula1)/$(vFormula2) shows wrong results as long as I not select actively the states with a value.

      Best regards,