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    no re-paint on selection

      Dear Qlik Sense developers,


      I need some advice on the following problem.


      I've built an extension, which higlights a certain part of a map when I click on it.

      My next step was to filter on the clicked part, and I succeeded, my extension now filters on data when I click on a certain part of my map.


      However, when I click on a part, of my map, it now filters data, but then it forces a redraw of the map and the selected part is no longer highlighted.


      I want the extension to filter, but I do not want it to redraw and loose the highlighted values.


      Is there a way I can force the extension not to redraw, or is there a way I can retrieve my selected value and force the extension to highlight the selected value?


      Hope you guys can help.

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          Erik Wetterberg

          Well the paint method will be called, but you don't need to actually repaint the contents.You could do something like


          paint : function($element, layout) {
              if(this.painted) return;
              this.painted = true;
              //your rendering here, will be called only once