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    How to change text font & format in a single text object


      I'm trying to display a Service Details text object and within this I'm looking to display something along these lines.....


      XIS Volumes App



      To have access processed volume data, to enable the customer to have a better understanding of the nature of the business, any seasonal trending and forecast more accurately for premiums and corrections


      A single interactive analytical application will be built as a platform for the analysis of the organisations processed figures.. The app will show the processed volume which will be a count of signing's using signing date as the key reference.

      This data will be shown over a rolling 12 month period with the ability to compare any period in the current 12 months against that same period in the previous months to give an indication of more long term trends. Full years' data back and including 2008 will also be available



      Does anyone know of any way to change the text format using script in the text object expression?

      Many thanks,