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    Insert Data to QVD files

    Shumail Hussain

      I am using the below code to insert data from 30 QVD files to a new final QVD file whereas each qvd file contains 400,000 records. when i am trying to execute this code my sytem's virtual memory size has exceeded the available limit at the file number 14.

      Can I update the QVD file by inserting new records with in a loop and releasing the memory at each step of the loop?

      let path= 'D:\Test\QVDs' ;
      let Outputpath= 'D:\Test\QVDs' ;




      For each File in filelist ('$(path)AH*.QVD')
      LOAD * FROM [$(File)] (qvd);
      Next File ;

      store AH into $(Outputpath)Final_AH.qvd;
      drop table AH;







        • Insert Data to QVD files
          Oleg Troyansky

          No, QVD files cannot be appended, it's always a full re-write. I'm guessing that you are using a 32-bit machine... You might want to run the same script on a 64-bit machine, if you have access to one...

          Out of curiosity - what's so bad about keeping your data in 30 files and loading them as needed? Why necessarily write them into one "final" file?

          You know, of course, that in your QVW you can simply load them all based on the wildcard:

          load * from $(path)AH*.QVD (QVD);



            • Insert Data to QVD files
              Shumail Hussain

              Basically we daily generate a qvd file and in the end we consolidate it... (i.e. Same Problem of Updation)

              Is there any alternate? OR any other suggestion on the same hardware

              FYI.... My system RAM is 3 GB, Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.83 GHz.


                • Insert Data to QVD files
                  Oleg Troyansky

                  Well, first of all, your hardware is pretty modest, in relation to the amount of data that you mentioned earlier... I'd defeinitely look into a possibility of an upgrade - some 64bit system with more RAM. Those are cheap today...

                  Other than that... when you read data and then write it into a QVD, the system typically need twice as much memory for the short period of time when the data is being written. You might find out that you can still load your data from multiple files into a QVW and finish your load script successfully without writing it back into a combined large file.If that's the case - then just keep your daily files and load them all into your final document.

                  If you can't even load all your data - then your only choice is to upgrade your hardware and use 64-bit version. Or, find another way to reduce the amount of data that you load...