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    how to make qvd in qliksense

    erika gupta

      How to make qvd in qliksense?

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          The same way you would in QlikView, i.e. in the script (dataload editor in Qlik Sense) after a load statement:


          store <tablename> into <qvd name>.qvd (qvd);

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hi  Erika,


            The suggestion that Tim has provided is the correct step with the default settings in Qlik Sense.


            You must use the LIB syntax instead of the drive letter.


            You must have a folder connection created with a name that you will also reference in the LIB statement:



            Here is the correct syntax that should work for you - with a sample table:




            if(RecNo()>=65 and RecNo()<=90,RecNo()-64) as Num,

            Chr(RecNo()) as AsciiAlpha,

            RecNo() as AsciiNum

            autogenerate 255

            Where (RecNo()>=32 and RecNo()<=126) or RecNo()>=160 ;


            STORE ASCII into [lib://myFolder/Test1.qvd];


            Note: If you want to use the drive letter the way you would using QlikView- you must Disable Standard Mode (Qlik Sense Desktop)


            You can read up on that here:


            Hope this helps.


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            Mike Tarallo