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    Using a variable in a graph title


      I am getting up and running on Qlik Sense. So far I'm really impressed.


      I'm seeing an issue with being able to use functions/variables in a graph title. In QlikView, I was able to set a graph title to:


      ='Week of ' & makeweekdate(GetFieldSelections(Year),GetFieldSelections(Week)) & 'Hours By Employee'





      In Qlik Sense, not only can I not use this expression, but I can't even seem to use my "Week" variable in something simple like:

      'Week: ' & Week


      I can only display the week number if the only thing I have in my title is:



      At that point it will successfully show the week number that is selected in the "Week" filter object.






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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Are you sure the exact same expression does really work in the Qlikview document without first selecting a week?

          It shouldn't.

          'Week: ' & Week is really 'Week: ' & only(Week). And only(Week) can only return a value if only one value of Week is possible. That's why you first need to select a value. You could try 'Week: ' & max(Week) if you want the latest possible week regardless of if you first selected a week or not.


          GetFieldSelections(Week) likewise needs selections in the Week field to return a value. But if you select more than one value then it will return the selected values as a comma separated list. But then the makeweekdate function won't return a value anymore, since it needs an integer for the week parameter, not a list of values.

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            jagan mohan rao appala


            There is no variables in frontend, but Instead of using a variable you can directly use expression like below


            Qliksense Title.png



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              Hi Gysbert, Jagan,

              Thanks for your responses. I'm getting slightly different behavior now, but I'm still unable to get it to work the way it did in QlikView. In particular, the expression "makeweekdate(GetFieldSelections(Year),GetFieldSelections(Week))" does not seem to work. Here is a sequence of screenshots to show you that "Week" and "Year" have been selected appropriately, but that makeweekdate() does not work. Have either of you seen makeweekdate() work in Qlik Sense?










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                Hi all,

                Thanks for the responses.


                I suspected that Qlik Sense wasn't liking my use of "Week" and "Year", since those seem to be keywords.


                I changed those variables to "EntryWeek" and "EntryYear", reloaded the data, and rebuilt the filters and the modified the expression appropriately. No luck.


                I took a look at Josh's "Test App", which indeed worked appropriately. Thanks for that example, Josh.


                For kicks, I changed my variable names to "OrderWeek" and "OrderYear", like in Josh's example. I went through the same cleanup sequence as before, and this time it worked. Strange.


                I went back to "EntryWeek" and "EntryYear"- again, no luck.

                I went back to "OrderWeek" and "OrderYear"- again, it worked.


                I went back to "EntryWeek" and "EntryYear"- this time, it worked.


                I suspect there is something flaky going on with the "Title" box. I have noticed a few weird things where changes sometimes don't seem to take effect. When it gets in that state, I clear the field entirely, start from scratch, and then get what I'm looking for.


                Anyway, I'm still a bit confused, but at least things are working. I'll spend a bit more time on it to see if I can figure out where things went wrong. If I find anything interesting, I'll follow up with a post.


                Thanks again for the responses.