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    In my opinion all Info.txt files in the 99.Shared container are unaccurate

      All the Info.txt files should show the variable name (of course only for information purpouses), but for the Info.txt files in the 99.Shared container it shows the wrong variable name. It shows the plain variable, leaving out the Share addition that the variable actually has.


      See f.ex. for the Info.txt file for 99.Shared_Folders\1.Application :


      //  ____________________________________________________________

      // |      Deployment Framework Path Info txt                                                      |

      // | Contains information folder purpose and base variable                               |

      // |  All path are based on vG.BasePath                                                            |

      // |___________________________________________________________|


      // vG.BasePath is base path for this container Global Base Search Path Variable = $(vG.ApplicationPath)


      Here in the Info.txt file it states that the variable belonging to this folder is vG.ApplicationPath while it is in fact vG.SharedApplicationPath.


      This is the same for all the Info.txt files in the shared container.


      Does anybody else agree with me here?