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    Conector QV a SAP-BW

      Que tal a todos,


      esperando estén muy bien, mi pregunta es:


      una vez instalado el conector de QV para SAP, ¿Qué objetos de BW son los que se miran, con que objetos son con los que construyo un reporte o dashboard?, ¿Ratios?, ¿Dimensiones?, Infopaquetes?, Cubos BW, Cubos Multiprovider?.



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          Morgan Kejerhag

          There are several different connectors in the package that can connect to different types of BW/SAP objects. I have used the DSO connector and know other solutions using the SQL connector. Talk to you Qlik/partner contacts to get documentation of the tool.


          For SAP BW you can connect to/using:

          * openSQL

          * BEx Queries

          * Info Objects

          * Info Cubes

          * DSOs

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              thank you very much!!!

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                Is there any document, besides the QlikView connector Manual, that specifies in detail which SAP Objects each connector can retrieve?


                I ask this becaus reading the Manual I can't say exactly which objects they can extract and which are the pros and cons of using one or other extractor.


                Thanks in advance

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                    Yaniv Feldman

                    I am not aware of any additional documentation.

                    However, there's a lot of knowledge in this group so many people can share their opinions about pros/cons of each connector.

                    For example - I would say that OLAP connector is good for Data Governance because it reflects the terms and logic maintained in BEx report. However it has poor performance.

                    On the other hand - the SAP SQL connector is not good for Governance but can sustain high volumes in data extractions and the performance is good.




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                        Thanks Yaniv,


                        That's exactly the kind of information I'm looking for. It seems important to me knowin which purposes serve each connector, and it's pros and cons. It would be an great added value the existence of such a document, at least for people like me that have no knowledge of SAP structure.


                        I would appreciate if you could share the same type of insights about the remaining connectors.



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                            Yaniv Feldman



                            DSO Connector - I don't use it... I use the SQL connector on the Active-Table of the DSO (because it's easier for me)


                            Query Connector (SQ01) - I use it if I don't have any proper data model in SAP-BW (or don't have the time to create one). It's easy and reliable. Performance is according to the query (not necessarily bad)


                            Report Connector - Loads ABAP report (SE38) output from the Spool. I would use it as a last resort because the extraction in QV depends on the output layout. If someone accidentally changes the layout variant in SAP - the reload in QV will fail and the script will have to be re-written.


                            Extractor Connector - I think the main purpose for this connector is to exploit the Business Content Data Sources (with Delta mechanism) . It is relevant where QV replaces BW as a "Data Warehouse" for SAP. If you use this connector, you can create Operational Data Stores in QV (1st QVD layer) according to SAP Data Sources (RSA6)


                            BAPI Connecor - mainly for ad-hoc scenarios where you need to load BAPI/Function Module output data into QlikView. I use it to create "Master Data" in cases that it's not available on BW. For example, use a BAPI to tell what is the Second Unit of Measure of each Material Number in SAP.


                            Hope I could help