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    More than one QDF?

    Staffan Johansson



      We have a customer that have a prod and a testserver, these are installed on 2 different servers. On prod we use a fileshare where we have all applications, testserver use folders on local server. Instead of install one QDF on each server, shouldent it be the best to use fileshare and "repoint" mounted folders in QMC-test to use fileshare. Than I dont have to care about the path in my QDF. Or is it better to have 2 different QDF and move the whole container between the servers?

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          Magnus Berg

          Hi Staffan, As QDF automatically re-creates the "path" every time the script runs (we call these global variables vG.) you can move the containers and/or apps between QDF environments without need of modifications in the script. So our recommendation is to have separate QDF instances for test and prod.

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