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    Append Data to An Existing QVD

    Phil Colbert



      I’m having an awful lot of trouble to do something that on paper seems very simple. I wish to append the data from one QVD to another.


      QVD (A) runs daily and only ever contains 1 days worth of data (its SQL source is truncated daily). I wish to append this data daily to a new QVD (B)


      And I only ever want to append the data to B from A that doesn’t already exist in B.


      If I can get this working QVD B will allow me to trend my data as it’ll store data by the day.


      So far I’ve got the following but I don’t think it’s appending correctly, and I also need the NOT EXISTS statement which im not sure how to apply as I cant do a simple test on the Primary Key (I need to test the entire row of data to check if it already exists).



      LOAD * From $(vMyPath)QVDA.qvd(qvd);




      LOAD * From $(vMyPath)QVDB.qvd(qvd);


      Anyone offer any advice/help?