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    Connecting to Oracle 11.X

    Daniel Moore

      Trying to connect QVS 11.2 SR7 to Oracle client driver We're using Oracle 11G R2 on Win Server 2012. 


      The connection string that we're using is:

      Data Source=UATDB;User Id=user1;Password=pwd1

      QVS setup is attached.

      ERROR MSG:

      Error is Value Cannot be Null. Parameter Name: NonDelimitedObjectName”


      Is there some way to better understand what we're missing? How do I trace the error code from the Oracle driver? Has anyone successfully connected Win Server 2012 with Oracle 11.X?
      My company will allow me to connect Windows Server 2012 with a different version of Oracle 11.X and QVS up to SR 7 or prior.



      On the same machine Oracle 12.1 odbc client worked using the following connection string:


      Driver=Oracle in OraClient12Home1;Dbq=UATDB;Uid=user1;Pwd=pwd1