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    Installation of Qlik Sense

      I'm using a Win 7 x64 machine. I have used an Admin account to install Qlik Sense and it works perfectly in this account. However, when I login as a user account in the same machine, I can't find the Qlik Sense instance.


      Does I require to install Qlik Sense for each user account?



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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Thomas - it sounds to me you mean Qlik Sense Desktop correct? I assume more than one person uses this individual machine?


          That is the expected behavior - as the installation uses the machine's user profile directory for its installation and the free license agreement states that it is for individual use.


          You could install it AGAIN under another profile that you are logged in with that would be the easiest way.


          Or if you want to try this (I just tested this so it works) -  take the Qlik Sense Desktop program from C:\Users\<user profile>\AppData\Local\Programs\Qlik\Sense\QlikSense.exe and copy to a publicly accessible location on the c drive like c:\PublicQlikSense.


          When the other user is logged in and they execute it the .exe program - will create a folder structure here for that user:


          C:\Users\<user profile>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\


          All Qlik Sense apps for that user will be here: C:\Users\<user profile>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps


          Let us know how you do.


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