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    Saving Metadata(Load script-Table,coloumns) and Loading It in Qlikview load script while reloading

    Tushar Suvarna

      Hi ,

      I have a client where i have deployed an application and i want to improvise on Qlikview Load Architecture .

      My requirement is simple and straightforward .  Suppose i have a  SQL table with 20 columns as of now and i have loaded the table into QVW file  till now everything is fine now the client decides to add few more columns now the thing is every time he has to depend on our services to add new columns into Load scripts .  Is it possible to write the names of tables , columns , derives columns into a file lets say an Excel file  and then load the excel file which in turn loads the mention tables and columns which is given in the excel . Its like Putting the Metadata into excel and pulling the excel the load the real data dynamically .


      The advantage this approach will give us is that the client can dynamically add /remove tables column from the Excel meta data file without having to depend on our services and work independently to add delete column.





      Thanks ,