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    How to roll-out an updated dashboard

      What is the best practice on rolling out a new dashboard with 15 doc cal users?


      Right now, I have a SalesLog_v1.Qvw with 15 doc cal users. I want to roll out SalesLog_v2.Qvw


      Should I be naming this just "SalesLog.Qvw" and skip the versions in the production file name so i don't have to create new security settings and whatnot?


      What is your recommendation on how to update a dashboard while limiting downtime for my doc cal users?



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          Peter Cammaert

          The simplest way to update an existing dashboard without downtime whatsoever for your users, is to not embed version information in the file name. There are other techniques to track verion information inside a document, or on the UI.That way, you'll never have to reassign Document CALs which is a tiresome task anyway.


          On the other hand, if you run the risk of having to present two versions of this document to different user groups (say an old and a new version) then you can decide to go for a major/minor-version-number strategy. For example, develop all minor revisions in files called SalesLog_1.1, SalesLog_1.2, SalesLog_1.3 and copy each on top of SalesLog_1 at the time of publication. As soon as major work starts on a dramatically revised edition of the document, call it SalesLog_2.0 and start numbering from there. The two document releases can now be published side-by-side if needed.





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              Awesome, thank you Peter.


              Just to confirm, you are saying that I should keep my version #'s in my testing environment - and in production just use "Sales_Log" so that i can just overwrite the file. QMC use all the same settings for the old & new document if i do that? Reload schedule, doc cal, document settings in QMC, etc.?


              I only need one deployed version at a time...so i think that makes this simpler

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                  Peter Cammaert

                  Indeed David, the QlikView Server environment ties CALs, tasks, meta information and even all new stuff that users create in the AccessPoint (so called collaboration stuff) to the document with that specific file name. If you drop a new version with the exact same file name over the old version, the new version will transparently inherit everything.


                  Of course, users may/may not immediately notice that you changed a document but that depends on whether you have a Publisher or not. With a publisher, they'll have to wait until the next reload before the new version is pushed to their screens.