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    Mashup - toolbar positioning scroll issue


      I'm facing an issue with the chart toolbar rendering in Mashups: If you start scrolling the page, then the chart toolbar (the one with green tick and red cross) is moved on top of the chart - Also, lasso is not working properly (same issue, it's shifted from the real selection).


      Step to reproduce (please also see images below):

      - Add a chart to a Mashup (in my test starting from Simple Mashup with absolute positioning, example Mashup attached)

      - View in browser without scrolling the page

      - Toolbar is correctly displayed when clicking on the object.


      - Now slightly scroll the page (reduce browser window height if necessary)

      - Click on an object: The toolbar is displayed x pixel on top of the object

      - If you scroll more, the space between the bar and the chart grows till the toolbar is no more displayed on the page.


      CSS class seams to be: qv-selection-toolbar ng-scope sel-toolbar-card

      (every time the toolbar is displayed it assume a different "top: XXXpx" css property)

      the div seams generated dynamically by qlik.js http://localhost:4848/resources/js/qlik.js


      2014-11-13 17_50_42-2014-11-13 17_41_31-Qlik Sense_ Mashup.png - Windows Photo Viewer.png

      2014-11-13 17_53_23-2014-11-13 17_41_58-Qlik Sense Desktop.png - Windows Photo Viewer.png


      Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

      Many Thanks.