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    Images not visible after publishing with QMC



      I have a strange problem after publishing my app with the QMC:


      I created two QVW:

      A) one for loading the data (without any frontend) and

      B) one for the frontend containing some images (e.g. for the header or as background images)


      App A will be included in B with Binary Load.


      Besides the two QVWs I created two tasks with the QMC:

      1. One for reloading the data from a database (into app A) and

      2. one for publishing data and frontend (app B).


      The problem is now:

      After publishing app B all images (header, background) are lost. Only textfields, tables, graphs or filter boxes are visible in the browser. The app works. All necessary data is included. But without the images it looks a little bit nacked ;-)


      When I open the source document of app B in the QlikView IDE everything is fine. All images are visible.


      Does anyone had the same problem?


      Thanks in advance for your help.


      Best regards