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    Lost recent changes to cal assignment after reboot

    Chris Cammers

      Hello everyone

      I'm looking for some cause analysis on this and suggestions to prevent the problem in the future.


      We are running qvs version 11.20.12235.0 I forget what specific SR that is but you get the idea.


      We have our User Documents Root folder set to a network path \\servername\somewhere\QlikviewUserDocs


      Yesterday our network went down.


      As part of getting back on our feet we rebooted the Qlikview server and everthing seems fine except it looks like we lost any changes we've made to CAL assignment since our last reboot, about two months ago.


      I've read a number of posts describing how the PGO is managed but it all seems like speculation.


      It seems like the reboot without access to the PGO caused the issue so can anybody tell me why we only lost some of the more recent changes? Based on what I've read there seems to be a weird relationship with the registry but I'd like to understand it so we can adjust our configuration to prevent this in the future. It seems like we need to move the root folder to the C: drive of the server and then create mounted folders on the remote storage.


      Please let me know what you think