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    600000 Records

      Hello i have a txt file with 600000 records.


      When i reload only 290.000 will be loaded.

      I know that it is possible to load 600000 recrods.


      But why stops it at 290.000 recs?


      Thx in advance

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          Jaime Aguilar


          probably is because there's a symbol that is interfering with your data. For example let's say that your file is a comma separated file and one of your records contains this string:


          1, text, text, 'some text ' some more text'


          In this example the single quotes are used for grouping text that contains spaces. However, there's another single quote that is actually part of the string. This will make your script to stop loading.


          This is just an example, but in your case it could be something like this. Check if there's something strange in the record where your text file stops loading,



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            Sokkorn Cheav

            Hi Ama,


            Maybe try this one and see those records