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    Predictive analysis

      hi all ,


      I have been working on qlikview since quite sometime now,

      A while back , I was introduced to predictive analysis integration with qlikview.  I wanted to explore more on the same , but i do not have much knowledge on R language so i installed the example given by brian on the following link


      QlikView and R Integration for Predictive Analytics Example

      I have followed the steps given in the document . But , the problem is that when i run the basic test on R language i get

      ~method: failed ~ object

      as an error always.


      As brian has answered this in his blog saying make the rcsproxy file in the lib under R ,

      My lib is not writeable. And there is no solution given for the "Non-Writeable" library anywhere in any blogs .

      I also tried downloading the Atk R connector for qlikview .

      Again followed the steps , there everything works fine but still on clicking the button to execute R nothing is happening.


      Please help.

      I need to learn more on Qlikview s Predictive approach.

      If any working examples are present or solution to above stated problem is there.