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    output of the expression differs after drilling down the hierarchy

      Hi All,


      I am using Qlikview 11.2 version.


      I have straight table , in which i have 2 dimensions and an expression.


      The Dimensions used are, Department and team.


      expression used is :

      if(Not IsNull(Department),

             Num (

                   RangeSum (                

      if([sale] >= 1, Count ({$<[sale] = {'>=1'}>} DISTINCT period),0)




             , '#.##0,00%'),



             Num (

      RangeSum (if(IsNull(sale),0,

                                             Avg (

                                                             Aggr (   

      Count ({$<[sale] = {'>=1'}>} DISTINCT Period)



      ,  cod_dept, year)



             , '#.##0,00%')



      The standard table structure is as shown below:(Department A has been selected),




      But when i select the filters Department: A nad Team:1  the following will be displayed:



      Ideally the value should remain 20.


      this seems to be so weird.


      Can some one please let me know Why does the value of the expression change?what is the culprit?


      I have no triggers applied on this sheet.