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    Bar not central over calculated dimension?

    Aaron Morgan

      Hi all,


      Having issues with a bar chart that uses a class statement as a calculated dimension. The dimension is calculating the sum of rainfall in a given week, and then a class statement bands this into bin widths of 5:


      Class(Aggr(Sum(Rainfall), TheWeek), 5, 'Rain')

      This is the second dimension on the chart, the first being TheWeek. There's only one expression, which calculates a sum of items sold (simply Sum(Items)).


      The graph calculates correctly, but the bar for each week isn't centralised, so it's making it more difficult to read - see the image attached!


      Any help on how to solve this? I do have TheDate as another field (which obviously links to each week) but if I'm not using it in the chart and aggregating to week level, should this cause any issues?