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    Access to DataModelling

    Sasi K

      Guys - I've assigned the users to Root admins, still they can view only app overview but not able to see data model under the combo on the left top corner.


      Could you please help me here to understand the settings to be looked into?



        • Re: Access to DataModelling
          Jonathan Poole

          Sasidar, the app need to be in 'my work' in order to see this. You cannot see/edit the data model or load script of a published app.


          You should 'duplicate' the app in the QMC and assign an owner (to the user you want) for them to see these areas of the app. 


          If they update / change the model, you can then publish the duplicate with the option to replace the original published app (and still not lose any sheets/bookmarks/stories created)