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    Sync User List via Local Network, but cannot logging in as the User Directory Value is WORKGROUP

    Anton Wibowo

      Hi chaps,


      I may need your guidance on how to "Allocate User Access Pass" after synching with Local Network.


      First, let me share what I've done:

      I'm creating several windows users (UserA, UserB, UserC) on a standalone server (The Server name is: MYSENSESERVER). I'm aware that we can first attempt logging in as the new user (in this case: UserA) by attempt to connect to the "https://MySenseServer/HUB" (As show in the minute: 7:50-8:50 from this video (Qlik Sense Platform - Token Licensing and Assigning Access Passes (video)

      , so that their name will be listed in QMC >.Users.


      What I noticed is, using this method, the "User Directory" column for UserA is showing "MYSENSESERVER" as its value; whilst when I do the sync using Local Network, it assigned all these "imported" users (UserA, UserB, UserC) with "WORKGROUP" into the "User Directory" column.


      Since all the users will be logging in as "MYSENSESERVER\UserA" or UserB or UserC, it seems they won't be logging in and use the entry made via the import using UDC Local Network.


      My question then, is there a way to change the "User Directory" value from "WORKGROUP" to "MYSENSESERVER"?

      Alternatively, is there a way for us to allow all these users to show up without the need to logging one at a time?

      (I'm planning to create 20-30 users and it may not be practical to do this one at a time)....


      Thank you in advance.