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    IF condition not working properly

      neeelam123 wrote:


      Hi Everyone,


      I have a Pivot table BG looking like below showing JUN'14 data:


      When I put the below condition in BG:

      if(TimePeriod='MTD',Sum({<[Transaction Type]=>}[Gross Budget]),

      Sum ({<YrMonth = {">=$(=yearstart(Date(VDateMax),0,1)) <=$(=Date(VDateMax))"},MonthName=,[Transaction Type]=>}[Gross Budget]))

      Transaction Type is only applicable for Actuals, so I had to Ignore it in Budget expression above through Set Analysis.

      It gives me an extra product METACAM CATTLE which is 1090000 for MTD which is actually for MAY and not present for Jun, however YTD is correct since no values for this product in earlier months.

      I have kept 2nd chart MTD for reference which has 2 normal expressions for MTD and YTD and is showing correct data for the same product.

      I hope you guys will be able to understand the above explanation. If not please let me know, I will try to further detail it. The sample QVW is also attached.


      Thanks in advance!