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    relationship chart

    Abi Sig


      I'm trying to create some chart to view relationships between businessmen to locate suspicious business relationships

      (for example: business relationship between brothers.).

      My table contains each row field for the target and field for the connected.

      I heard there's a way to do it by Chart bubbles and without an extension.

      I tried to use the org chart from qlikview extensions, but it is built in a hierarchical

      and I could not change it suit to my purpose.

      I would love to know if there any way to show the structure

      of relationships between the various businesses.

      something like this: (see attached image)

      Thanks a lot,

      I would appreciate any help.

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            Abi Sig


            First, a great honor for me to get help from one of the world's largest extensions developers !!

            second- the whole issue is very new to me, I'll need some time to check the code.


            * Should I use extensions and external code into a qlikview model

            This is not a threat?


            * Is it possible to change the extension of qlikview - 'org chart' according to my needs

            and so stay within safe limits?


            Thank you very much

            It helps me a lot.

            (I've tried in the past few extensions from your blog which is huge)

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              Good project - I would have an immediate use for something like this but its missing a few things.


              Can you color the dots based on a dimension?


              Also there seems to be a limitation to the number of nodes or connections as when I put my data in there, it failed to render until filtering the data down.


              I'd be up for enhancing it but I don't have the skills today to do so -- if you provide some guidance I would be happy to contribute.



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                What a great extension! I am currently working on a similar problem and found this extension the perfect solution. When I checked the input data of the example, all relationships have been given a weight. Was this done manually or is there a way how Qlik can calculate a statistical value like that?