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    Recording Rate of Change

      Hi All,


      I have a question I was hoping you may be able to help me with. I am trying to record a percentage change in the number of values between the points on the line chart. I'm still unsure about the particular visualisation method, my I need qlikview to compute a % increase/decrease in a number of observations between each to dates on my chart (I use dates as a dimension). Right now my expression looks like that:


      ((Sum(FLAG_P11) - sum({<[Trade Date] = {$(=Date([Trade_Date]-1))}>} FLAG_P11)/sum({<[Trade Date] = {$(=Date([Trade_Date]-1))}>} FLAG_P11))*100


      The sum(...) expressions sum up my observations for each date, and I think my set analysis expression {$(=Date([Trade_Date]-1))} which was intended to return the previous date is the source of the problem. I am quite new to qlikview and don't really know how to write a correct set analysis command to return flags at the date less than a day.


      I hope it makes sense and someone is able to help!


      Thank you so much in advance!