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    Consitent layout on different computers



      I have a QlikView document with different text objects with images as backgrounds. I made this document on my laptop with a screen resoution of 1920x1080. Now, I tried to open the document on a different computer with a screen solution of 1680x1050. Now the problem is, that not only the solution of the screen is different (that would be no problem) but also every object has the wrong size and distance.


      Did I miss any default setting in QV?


      Thank you for your help.




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          I think I found the answer. I had chosen the option "No stretch" for "Image stretch". The problem was the german translation. If you chose "keep aspect", than the images are streched down in the right proportion. The english description "keep aspect" makes a lot more sense.


          If you chose "no stretch", than the whole textobject will be scaled down at a lower resolution, but the background image will stay in the original resolution. The result of this will be, that the image will be cut at a smaller resolution.