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    Feature request: Separate scales in a Trellis-style diagram

    Friedrich Hofmann



      currently it is impossible, I think, to use different scales in the n partial charts you get when you activate the Trellis option.

      My scenario is the following:

      - I have a chart of costs that I can associate with any of 4 plants

      <=> The costs in one plant are much, much higher than in the other plant

      <=> As it is impossible to use a different scale, the columns in the second one become quite tiny as the scale automatically adapts to
              accommodate the greatest numbers.


      The only workaround that I know of currently is to use several objects instead - several individual charts puzzled into a large textbox.

      The drawback of this is that this way the individual legends have to go, they use too much space - instead, I need two more textboxes for every expression I have in my charts - one for the colour and one for the text.

      This is still doable - but just selecting different scales for the partial charts would be much easier.