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    GetFieldSelections... starting with NOT

    Josetxo Josetxo Amonarriz



      In a previous post Two expressions - for the second, show only totals, I have managed to show only the totals for a second dimension (well, treating it as an expression).


      Now I need to finish that chart, and I am using GetFieldSelections to show / hide different columns.


      And I am using GetFieldSelections to take into account some columns' values to calculate the totals.


      The main problem is the value  of GetFieldSelections, when it comes to Months:  If select from January to September, the GetFieldSelections(Month) function will return a value that  starts with NOT (NOT oct, nov, dic)


      Is it possible to "force" this function, or any other, to retrieve the values of the selected Months?


      Thanks in advance!