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    combined selections in straight table

    Stefano Marson

      Hi to Everybody,


      I'm working with QlikView vers. 9. I can't upgrade to 11.
      I need to make a selection on a straight table. I want to consider only the rows with a value of -1 expression Semaforo. See attached Esempio.qvw. The graph consists of two dimensions, each of which is a cyclic group.

      It is to select combinations defined by a value of the first dimension AND a value of the second dimension.

      By making a selection (see selezione.JPG) the result is not as expected (see risultato_selezione.JPG), although it is consistent with the logic of QlikView.

      I don't want define in script a new field for each combination of the fields of the two cyclic groups and use the appropriate field as a dimension. I have too many combinations to manage

      Any idea on how to solve my issue?


      Thank you in advance