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    Aggregation won't work - why?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have an Excel_file with a date_field - quite simple.

      I want to aggregate that - to not have one record per day, but one per month, where the months should be fformatted like > June-14, Aug-14 < etc.

      So I have the following in my LOAD

      >> DATE(Datum_LF, 'MMM-YY') as Monat_eindeutig_LF <<

      Then I have a RESIDENT LOAD where I just take the sum() of the costs (of all the days within that month) and I have a GROUP BY clause - I LOAD three fields from my first table, two cost_fields, both of which I sum up and that month_field - I don't take the date since that would mean grouping by day which doesn't make much sense.

      <=> Still, after that, my table has just as many lines as before and about 28 instances of every value of the month_field - it was clearly not aggregated at all.


      Can anybody tell me what I have done wrong?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,