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    QlikView 11 and SharePoint 2013 - Mashup



      I am trying to integrate QlikView 11 objects into SharePoint 2013 and using the approach described in the article below.

      QlikView Mashup Examples & Documentation (QlikTip #48)



      I have a server installed with QlikView 11 while another server with SharePoint 2013. I can access both the environments independently using my domain credentials i.e. am able to access the QlikView objects in the browser using the domain credential and the same domain credential for accessing a sharepoint 2013 site collection.



      I have added a IFrame within a script editor webpart for SharePoint and setting the URL of my QlikView server as below.

      <iframe src="http://[MyQlikViewServer]/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=Corporate%20Finance%20Dashboard_new_V2.qvw" /></iframe>


      I can access the same URL directly via the browser however when accessing from SharePoint it is not displaying anything. I checked with Fiddler to see what happens when we access from SharePoint. I see a HTTP 401 for the QlikView URL that is in the IFrame.

      However, my domain credential has access to both SharePoint and QlikView and while accessing from the browser none of these ask for login i.e. I get logged into SharePoint and QlikView automatically via the browser.

      So, why is it that am not able to access from SharePoint?

      I tried adding &host=local as well &host=[QlikViewServerIPAddress]. However none of them worked.


      Can anyone please suggest what needs to be done? What am I missing here?